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Dunefarmhouse: Experience nature, art & design

The Dunefarmhouse is a modern, 2-story, 2-bedroom/bath home nestled in a wooded area, overlooking a small sunlit meadow.  The home has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and design & travel websites for its beautiful design and unique setting. Great for those who appreciate nature, design and architecture and also ideal for those who just want to get away and relax. 

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Dunefarmhouse "Living Art Experience"

"Living Art Experience" brought to you by PeelGood and Beauty & Brawn

Inside the house, guests are now able to view and interact with the artwork, wallcovering, Welcome Book and Guest Journal by using exclusive PixelStix technology. Upon arrival guests can use the PixelStix app to scan the light blue Dunefarmhouse plaque in the entryway to obtain full experience instructions.

Custom PeelGood Wallcovering

The main living area features a custom wallcovering* created by Beauty & Brawn exclusively for Dunefarmhouse and the design is an homage to native flora found in the area. Viewers can access exclusive content by tapping on the ten textured buds and coneflowers with the PixelStix app. 

Dunefarmhouse Art Collection & Exhibition curated by Beauty & Brawn

Artwork from six local, national and international artists is featured throughout the house and all works are available for immediate purchase*. Viewers can learn more about each piece by tapping on the tag with the PixelStix app.  

Interactive Welcome Book

In the home you will find a new take on sharing all of the traditional features of the house, in addition to:

  • Welcome greeting from the owner 

  • House rules

  • Tryon information and trail maps

  • PeelGood wall covering and Pixelstix instructions

  • Recommendations (eats, to do's, happenings!)

  • Art collection information and sale prices

*The 'Laurel' wallcovering is available for purchase through custom order. Please direct all purchase inquiries to 

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Featured Artists

Learn more about the artists currently featured at the Dunefarmhouse here

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