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"Living Art Experience" brought to you by PeelGood and Beauty & Brawn

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

“What you seek is seeking you”

The PeelGood/Beauty & Brawn philosophy is rooted in both the feeling and the doing. We find infinite inspiration in the creation of something but not just any something. And we are ever humbled and in awe of the ultimate power of manifestation- by the ability to nurture the genesis of an idea and to unite people with play, innovation and a little bit of magic.

Our team spent many months collectively dreaming up the “ideal” inaugural project where we could seamlessly combine all of our creativity and set it free in the wild. There were hours of thinking, working, re-working, testing and pushing as to how to bring life into form but we were merely one half of the whole. We needed a home for this greatness and a client who was willing to take risks and who was business savvy and forward-thinking. PeelGood/Beauty & Brawn asked the Universe to meet us halfway along the path that we were already on to help us tell our story. And on that path was Laurel Rundle.

Having grown up in an art-loving family, Laurel sought to add unique elements to a home that is both a physical and spiritual foundation of her life. She knew that expanding her business model was paramount in setting her listing apart from the myriad choices that today’s traveller has when booking adventures and lodging. Such as the land envelops the home’s exterior with its gorgeous natural surroundings, Laurel wanted the inside of the space to feel equally inspirational and colorful. She wanted to offer guests a unique and immersive experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Insert PeelGood/Beauty & Brawn and our collaborative “Living Art Experience”.

The PeelGood/Beauty & Brawn team carefully crafted the story of Dunefarmhouse to reflect the perfect combination of things. That story needed to include all of the characters: the space, the surroundings, the client, the art, the technology, the guests and the products. The “Living Art Experience” is meant to be just as inviting as the home itself and can be enjoyed without pressure or skill needed and with merely the PixelStix app and a splash of inquisitiveness.

We are so grateful for this partnership and are thrilled to launch The Dunefarmhouse Project!

The Dunefarmhouse Project is:

  • An impeccably curated and diverse art exhibition with direct purchase capabilities

  • Hand-crafted custom designed books and collateral

  • A custom-created luxury wall covering installation imbedded with cutting-edge technology

  • An elevated Airbnb stay which encourages guests to play, wander and share in new and unexpected ways

“Laurel” Wall Covering:

The custom wall covering was created by hand from drawing, to file, to product- one bold step at a time. The flowers are found throughout the incredible landscape of the Southern Indiana/Lake Michigan area and are as lovely and vibrant as Laurel.

Not only did we seek to produce a beautiful and meaningful design, our team wanted the wall covering to serve as a stand-alone installation, giving guests the ability to interact with the space in an unexpected and tactile way. Interested guests can playfully seek and scan the textured flower sticker overlays on the wall covering to get custom content programmed by Laurel and the PeelGood/Beauty & Brawn team.

Welcome Book & Guest Journal:

The Dunefarmhouse Welcome Book and Guest Journal are both equipped with PixelStix technology which allows guests to read more deeply into the Dunefarmhouse story in a digital capacity, as well as to upload links, stories, photographs and videos to share with Laurel via the Guest Journal if desired.

Dunefarmhouse Art Collection & Exhibition:

The Dunefarmhouse Art Collection & Exhibition showcases local and international artists who not only represent diverse artistic mediums, but whose work emits complexity and energy and beckons the viewer to go deeper. From textiles to photographs to paintings, The Dunefarmhouse Art Collection & Exhibition embodies the expression of artists who are constantly exploring- taking in and pushing out both moving sentiments and techniques.

Our goal was to enable art lovers to step into the Dunefarmhouse “Living Art Experience” even if they are not physically in the space and to purchase works with ease. Our priority is always to gain maximum exposure for our artists and often via non-traditional channels and in unique settings.

Past Exhibiting Artists Include:

Jennifer Cronin

E. Lee

Lindsey Meyers

Marco Querin

Emily Rapport

Carlos Santos

About The Amazing Partners Who Made This Happen:

Beauty & Brawn is a unique curatorial partnership based in Chicago that specializes in custom art

and mural creation, collection building and project management. Partners, Lindsey Meyers and

Simone Garcia, are themselves artists, gallerists and activists who believe “art is for everyone”. With

a focus on local, national and global artists, Meyers and Garcia love to tackle creative challenges

that lead to memorable experiences, iconic public-facing art and culturally inclusive dialogue.

Additionally, the duo has diverse backgrounds in arts education, fabrication, and programming and

production for both public and private initiatives.

Meyers and Garcia are responsible for some of the most renowned murals and events in Chicago

and beyond. Their breadth of clients include: the City of Chicago, Soho House, International

Women’s Forum, Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Hyatt Centric, Mastercard, Supera Asset Management,

Peak Properties, The Chicago Yacht Club, the Flint Public Art Project and more. In addition to

showcasing Chicago artists such as Jennifer Cronin, CERA, Dovie Golden, Joe Miller, E. Lee and

Darryl Schiff, Meyers and Garcia have worked with artists from Berlin (Onur), Brazil (Kobra and

Fernando Chamarelli), Argentina (Marina Zumi), South Africa (Ricky Lee Gordon), France (Mateo

Wallpainter) and Mexico (Libre HEM).

With their collective experience, passion and moxie, Meyers and Garcia are ready to be your

“conduit to something beautiful”.

Lindsey Meyers

Lindsey is a self-taught photographer and mixed-media artist originally from the Northeast suburbs of Chicago and Co-Owner of Beauty & Brawn. She attended the Chicago Academy for the Arts and

Columbia College, and received her Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from The University of Southern California. She was a long-time member of the Chicago Ideas Week Co-Op and the Co-Creator of Agassiz Elementary School’s Parent Art Co-Op and served on the board of IAM Logan Square and the Logan Square Arts Festival. Lindsey has exhibited her personal work in various locations including, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles , Alabama and Georgia.

Simone Garcia

Simone Garcia began his creative career in the film industry working as a successful lighting and rigging professional on a variety of productions across the United States. During the late nineties

and early two-thousands, he produced work across a myriad platforms, from movies to music videos. In addition to being Co-Owner of Beauty & Brawn, Simone currently manages communications systems for large organizations in North America, enabling him to blend his creativeideas and highly refined technical skills into both the art and tech fields.

The PixelStix Platform turns any collection of murals into interactive galleries while providing the tools needed to show the economic value murals bring your community. Using the PixelStix Platform will transform your collection into a gallery experience that can be enjoyed by foot, bike or even by car. It will also give you the insight into how your gallery is being used by the community. Identifying financial support goals and using the platform to launch marketing campaigns will ensure you reach them.

Matthew Walker

Founder of the PixelStix technology and pioneer in the Mural Arts Movement, Matthew Walker has been a solutions architect for over 25 years with significant contributions in Telcom and Healthcare, as well as playing a leadership role in a variety of startups. His latest work has been creating solutions for the human experience in an online world using the same tools and strategies used to solve business problems throughout his career.

Full Project Credits:

Lindsey Meyers

PeelGood Co-Founder/CEO + Partner/Owner

Beauty & Brawn Co-Founder + Partner/Owner

Simone Garcia

PeelGood Co-Founder/COO Technology + Partner/Owner

Beauty & Brawn Co-Founder + Partner/Owner

Matthew Walker

PeelGood Co-Founder/CTO + Partner/Owner

PixelStix Founder/CEO

PeelGood branding and logo consulting and design by Sandra Mars Design


Dunefarmhouse Creative Direction & Project Management by Lindsey Meyers

Dunefarmhouse logo by PeelGood

“Laurel” Wallcovering:

Collaboratively designed by the PeelGood team

Floral illustration by Ashley McAllister

Image scanning by Latitude Chicago

Wallcovering custom printing by Leo Graphics

Technology by PixelStix

Welcome Book and Guest Journal:

Collaboratively designed by the PeelGood team

Welcome Book custom printing by Leo Graphics

Custom leather book and journal covers by Rustico

Technology by PixelStix

Dunefarmhouse Welcome Plaque:

Collaboratively designed by the PeelGood team

Dunefarmhouse Art Collection & Exhibition:

Curation, installation, sales and acquisitions, artist management and

collection management by Beauty & Brawn

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