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Explore the enchanting spaces of Dunefarmhouse that have garnered acclaim from renowned publications and travel enthusiasts alike.


CB2 captured the essence of Tryon Farm for its modern design and unique blend of nature and contemporary living. Several houses were featured as a backdrop in their catalogs.

CB2 - Cover_edited.jpg
CB2 - Inside 6.png
CB2 - Inside 1_edited.jpg
CB2 - Inside 7.png
CB2 - Inside 5.png
CB2 - Inside 2_edited.jpg
CB2 - Inside 8.png
CB2 - Inside 4.png

CS Interiors

The cleverly designed and relaxed setting of Tryon Farm caught the eyes of CS Interiors. We were elated to have the property featured in several spreads throughout their acclaimed magazines issues.

CS Interiors - Cover.png
CS Interiors - Inside 1.png
CS Interiors - Inside 2_edited.jpg
CS Interiors - Inside 3.png
CS Interiors - Inside 4.png


Dwell Magazine featured the unique integration of homes + land, along with the architectural innovation of Tryon Farm highlighting the sustainable design.

Dwell - Cover.png
Dwell - Inside 1_edited.jpg

Lake Michigan Shore Magazine

Lake Michigan Shore Magazine graciously featured a neighbor’s stunning home designed by BBA Architects, capturing the artful precision throughout multiple pages.

Lakeshore Magazine - Cover.png
Lakeshore Magazine - Inside 1.png

Mindful Metropolis

Mindful Metropolis thoughtfully explored the experience of Dunefarmhouse, and thoughtfully small homes can be crafted.

Mindful Metropolis - Cover.png
Mindful Metropolis - Inside 1.png
Mindful Metropolis - Inside 2.png

Natural Home

Natural Home showcased the eco-conscious features of Tryon Farm and the intentional community behind it.

Natural Home - Cover.png
Natural Home - Inside 1_edited.jpg

Time Out Magazine

Dunefarmhouse was featured in TimeOut magazine in both 2019 and 2020, coining it a "Top 10 Airbnb Rental in the Midwest", part of "Perfect Midwest Getaways.", and a "Modern Country Escape". 

The full article can be read here.

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